Congratulations to Mike Steil, who made it through survivor finals to win his 2nd MAST title.   Steil defeated Mike Hoffman, 269 to 210, to win $670. Steil also bet on himself to win to take home an addition $140. Hoffman received $370 for second place. The tournament was contested on the USBC 2014 open team shot and drew 75 bowlers. This was the highest turnout for a singles tournament in […]

Congratulations to Dan Marks and Marc McDowell on winning their first MAST titles! Marks and McDowell defeated Dan Lemiesz and Mike Dole, 482 to 457, in a close title match that came down to the 10th frame. Marks and McDowell received $1146 for the win while Lemiesz and Dole received $606 for second place. The tournament filled at the maximum 80 bowlers who competed on the Sport Bowl house condition. […]

In an exciting final match, Chad Kuehmichel and Rich Zarnstorff battled it out for a first MAST title. Kuehmichel prevailed, defeating Zarnstoff, 200 to 184. Kuehmichel received $441 for the win and an additional $40 for betting on himself to win. Zarnstorff received $235 for second place. Forty-three bowlers competed on the Viking Lanes house condition. The top 12 bowlers out of qualifying then competed in Survivor finals. Zarnstorff led […]

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Congratulations to Bryan Bannach on winning his 2nd MAST title. Bannach defeated Jacob Thomas in the title match which came down to the end.   Bannach finished first, forcing Thomas to strike in the 10th. Thomas came up short with only a spare to finish with a 205 to Bannach’s 215. Bannach took home $485 for first, plus another $80 for betting on himself to win. Thomas received $267 for second […]

Jon Schalow was victor over Kevin Punzel to win his 3rd MAST title. In a close final match, Schalow needed to double in the tenth to win, 244 to 235. Schalow earned $458 for first place and bet on himself to win to take home another $175. Punzel received $252 for second place. The tournament drew 51 bowlers who competed on last year’s USBC Open Championship Team shot. Chris Gibbons […]

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Congratulations to Rick Thomas on winning his 12th MAST title. Thomas defeated Chris Gibbons in the title match, 214 to 174, to win $511. Gibbons received $281 for second place. Fifty-five bowlers competed on the USBC blue pattern. The shot proved to be challenging as it took a score of 803 or better to make the top 16 and advance to survivor finals. Nick Heilman led qualifying with 907. Heilman […]

Congratulations to Don Dudley on winning his first MAST title! In an exciting final match that came down to the 10th frame, Dudley defeated Jim Montgomery, 228 to 224. Dudley and Montgomery won $552 and $303, respectively. The tournament drew 64 bowlers who competed on the house shot. After four games of qualifying, it took a score of 947 or better to advance to qualifying. Jeff Prein led qualifying with […]

Derek Eoff and Gail Myers Jr. are MAST doubles champions for the 3rd consecutive time! They defeated Dan Swenson and Herb Kimpel, 414 to 379, in the title match. The duo won both double tournaments, Lake Ripley Lanes and Middleton Sport Bowl, during the 2013-14 season. Eoff and Myers Jr. won a total of$640 and Swenson and Kimpel received $338 for second place. Twenty-Four teams competed on the WTA London […]

Congratulations to Andy Mills on winning his second MAST title. Mills defeated Kevin Punzel in the title match, 225 to 186, to win $550. Mills also bet on himself to win which earned him another $80. Punzel took home $302 for second place. Sixty-two bowlers competed on the house shot at Village Lanes. A score of 909 or better was required to qualify and advance to match play. Don Dudley […]

The first tournament of the 27th season of MAST was held at Badger Bowl. In a recorded final match, to be aired at a later date on Time Warner Cable, Kevin Thompson won his 5th MAST title! This title comes almost to the date, 10 years after his last title, which was won at Lake Ripley Lanes in September 2004. Thompson defeated Tony Oliva in the title match, 216 to […]